Devotion to the pursuit of wisdom.

​A lifetime experienced in a moment.

A moment's reflection in a lifetime.

​Birth. Re Birth.

​Realization of our connection with the extrasensory.

​The manifestation of Divinity in nature. In human frailty.

The contemplation of this holistic integration.

​Love. In its serenity. In its infinite. In its explosive power and unexplainable synergy.

​The tangible giving way to acceptance of the mystical.

​Limitation giving way to certainty of the achievable. Transformation.

​Balance where there was once imbalance. Where the horizon meets a rising step. In the reflection of a sun's ray off of a drop of rain. In a silent still moon.

​Devotion to the expression of this art.


It is our purpose to provide beautiful products that enhance the lifestyle of our valued customers. In our research of the chakra system we have found that there exist interpretive variations (cultural or otherwise). When describing the specific colors associated with specific levels of meditation within the chakra system, it is not our intention to be in exact accordance with any specific interpretation. But instead, our artistic expression and description are interpretive in their own right, reflecting the guidelines of the chakra teachings. 

It is our hope that the interpretations we present within our Living Art™ collection may both inspire and bring happiness to all with whom we might have the honor and priviledge to connect. 

Namaste, peace and love, Chakra Art and Design.


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