Mid-Winter 2021: Your Winter Routine!

Your Chakra Living Art Yoga/Fitness Mat is your essential tool on your pathway to Health

Your winter fitness routine is essential for building a strong flexible base enabling you to engage in your favorite activities year round.  We have identified several great instructional links to assist you in your workouts on your Living Art Yoga Fitness Mat.  See these links below!

The Sun Salutation.
The Sun Salutation series of poses (asanas) is a perfect strength and stretch warm up routine prior to any exercise or workout.  Movement from one pose to the next is done in conjunction with your inhalation and exhalation.  Try to control and pace your breathing as you move smoothly through each pose for maximum benefit.  Below is a nice demonstration of the 12 basic poses in the Sun Salutation asana flow. 
Leg Strengthening Exercises using elastic bands. 
Elastic bands are a great way to assist in targeting leg muscle groups - whether you are healing a troubled area with physical therapy or focused on increasing your leg muscle strength and flexibility.  Below, fitness trainer Chelsea demonstrates three basic hamstring and glute exercises which she performs on the Chakra Living Art Crown (violet) fitness mat in Paradise!  You can say hi to Chelsea on instagram @elegant_iink. 
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